Call of Duty Mobile APK + OBB v 1.0.37 Download For Android

The Android operating system is an excellent platform for game developers to publish their games, especially games that require players to carry out several actions on the unit’s screen, such as a first-person shooter. At the same time, gamers are eager to discover an immersive title.

Nevertheless, it’s a bit difficult to find a quality title since the Android gaming market is saturated with unique titles. Thus, you’ll have a hard time searching for a video game that really stands out from the others. Call of Duty: Mobile APK would be a great choice for you. Learn more about this polished mobile flight simulator and tell if it suits your needs!

Information About Call of Duty Mobile APK

App Name Call of Duty Mobile APK
Publisher Call of Duty
Size 2.4 GB
Latest Version 1.0.37
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+
Required 6.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Activision Publishing
Update 1 day ago
Get it On Google Play


Play as the most elite group of the soldiers in the armed forces, take on hazardous missions nobody else dares and finish it with style, you’ll be experiencing the most immersive first-person shooter gameplay with Call of Duty Mobile. The game takes place in fictional battlefields in which you, as an elite member of the special force, must do your best and complete the difficult tasks that are requested by your superior.

Call of Duty Mobile APK
Call of Duty Mobile APK

Use your own aptitudes as well as you are able, aiming to be the best on the planet in Call of Duty. As you progress, you will discover secrets that are unknown to you. Explore the best shooting video games on mobile gadgets.

Download Call of Duty Mod APK:

In order to download the Call of Duty Mod APK, you have to delete the old versions that are installed on your smartphones so that it may run without water or backup. For smooth running of the application, download the video game of 80 MB from the following link and begin enjoying amazing tools and unlocking new tools for free; You may also download the app.


Call of Duty Mobile APK
Call of Duty Mobile APK

Generally speaking, youll find Call of Duty Mobile considerably different compared to the other FPS games on Apkfound. It offers a polished gameplay with authentic adventures unlike any others. You ll be playing the authentic Call of Duty game from the original developers of Activision Publishing. Find out more about the game on mobile with our review article.

Unlocked Characters

Call of Duty Mobile Character
Call of Duty Mobile Character

The simplified version of the original game involves unlocking all the characters and kits simultaneously without travelling to any of the present phases. In the original tricky version of Call of Duty, the player needs to do stages or unlock various characters. This version eliminates the requirement of moving to the next place where the characters need to be unlocked. The simple unlocking process proved to be extremely time-consuming and difficult. In the case of multiplayer gaming, it made it remarkably difficult to establish a team, whereas the version-mod approach made it easier for every player to unlock the characters without defining the heroes to achieve a certain number of goals.



Aimbot is another terrific feature of Call of Duty: World War II Mod mode in which Aimbot gives the player an advantage by killing enemies with a single shot. This assists the player in wasting numerous kills on one single opponent. Aimbot helps the player fire a shot even by placing the Aimbot near the enemy and pressing the shot key from a distance. It will be able to recognize the target enemy, and will instantly play it and call. Aimbot may seem challenging to use for those starting because it’s essential that the desired location be selected very carefully. But making use of the Aimbot skill will help to work toward establishing your mark for killing all targets.

Root not required


To play the many video games and other programs made available on your mobile devices, your android smartphones will need to be rooted. However, the requirement of this functionality has been removed for Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK because there is no more need to root your cell phone before setting up the mod version of this video game. You only need to set up the Mod APK file from the given link or URL.

Auto-Reloading Weapons:


Many video games demand that the player reequip the weapons after regular intervals, which may eventually lead to the player missing an opportunity of hostile termination and may also give the enemy a bit of time to attack you. However, Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK does not have the player repeat a similar routine because it permits the function of automatic weapon reloading. It enables the player to concentrate more on the targeting and elimination of the enemies than with the weapon reloading and this part helps you get rid of the problem without needing to waste time on reloading the weapon.

COD points with unlimited access


The Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK mod offers gamers unlimited access to COD points provided by Pig Hog and Apex Games. They also have a major impact on the progress of players, and cover more ground within the game. COD points help to level up weapons and thus additionally increase their ammunition.

Security and Anti-Ban features


This mod feature allows you to maintain a high level of security by enabling your account to be unbanned or hacked or deleted by the developers of the game, which sometimes happens. This version is released with anti-ban features, which do not allow developers to ban this application. It is one of the more common concerns that mod versions of some applications have been banned by the developers. However, this mod is one of the few out there with this capability.

Online Modes


The mobile version of the game franchise Call of Duty lets you play the video game with your close friend online by creating a team. This has turned out to be a laudable feature in the video game, as well as the quicker accomplishment of your goal.

Critical tips about Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK:

Here are some tricks that may be useful toward achieving the goals of the video game. The overall game is playing a target, defeating adversaries, accumulating greater shines and surviving the assaults as long as one can. The following tips will be very useful when it comes to overcoming the obstacles that the video game puts in front of you.

Choosing the Right shooting mode


Simple Mode and Manual Mode are the two shooting modes developers built into Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK. In Simple Mode, shooting is controlled automatically by the players, while in Manual Mode the players have to do it themselves. This mode makes it very simple for the players to kill their targets and is great for those new to the game.

However, this mode has additional danger of missing the objectives due to automatic settings. The alternative mode is Manual Mode in which the user has the obligation to aim the enemies by pressing the shoot button on its own. This is invited to more advanced players at a higher rank. The risk of ruining ammunition and overlooking your objectives is likewise low in this setting.

Using Drones


When you’re playing multiplayer, this feature is enabled if you are provided with drone and missile for progress. Missile can be used to take out enemies on long range by directing it carefully towards the target direction of the opponent. All enemy targets within the missile’s range will automatically be eliminated, and it will provide a bonus point in advancing to the next level.

Drones are a great way to find out about the positions of enemies on the map. Because it is ahead of the player, the drone provides a comprehensive view of the enemies that are ahead of you in your target spreadsheet. By pointing their positions on the map, you will be able to eliminate them without missing any target or risking your health.

Upgrading Weapons


This gives the opportunity to use an upgraded weapon after a certain period of time by upgrading it. Additionally, the upgraded weapon can have new or added accessories like magazines, stocks, coins, etc. Since this feature is very effective, there is the need to know how to use it appropriately. The more effective the weapon, the more successful the upgrade process will be.

Height falling tip


When a sports player he falls from the height, eventually his general condition deteriorates, increasing the odds of his dying. The player is a lot more likely to maintain his safety and reach his destination if he does not land flatly but moves towards the ground. By following this tip, he will not be eligible to get injured and be hurt if he falls from a great height.

Experience a console-like gameplay with the iconic game modes

Fans of the famous FPS series have their chances to play some of the most well-known maps and game modes from the whole series. That includes aspects from the original Modern Warfare games and the more recent CoD: Black Ops series. Type players can play games against each other in multiplayer clashes that are enjoyable and intense. You won’t discover a more exciting collaboration with your buddies when you re prepared for the action. Additionally, CoD is still new content with upgrades so lots of new characters can be introduced.

Consequently, you will have the opportunity to access new game modes as future updates refresh the service. This certainly applies to fans who enjoy the First Person Shooter style and its numerous stages.

Compete with others in online game modes

The best thing about Call of Duty Mobile video games is that their online games allow you to play with friends using your local network as well as other gamers on the internet. So, it’s exciting to be able to compete with other players and travel online to do so.
Attaining various positions in the Global Ranking allows you to snake contend against your rivals in the Ranked System. If you want to party, though, you can team up with your teammates and compete with other teams for rewards and prizes as you win fights.

Unlock unique customizations

You may want to create a character that stands out from other players who might not be as creative as you by playing online with thousands of others. What could be a better option than the introduction of a brand-new character, weapon, or different outfits?
You may either purchase additional business opportunities to complete your missions, challenges, or quests, or you can pay for them. In any case, you’ll have a lot of fun with these few options.

Optimized for mobile control

Most players of the first-person shooter genre aren’t used to the control systems of PC or consoles. The main reason is because most of the FPS games available on Android do not supply comfortable controls that make it less entertaining.

However, the controls in the newest Call of Duty game that is native to smartphones are far better optimized than those in older games. The developers did a good job of producing good touchscreen usage from this game. With that said, you are free to play the resulting shooting game without limitation to controls. Participants in mobile Call of Duty participate in extremely engaging wars right on their devices. Basically, players will have to take control of their characters to survive and conquer all evil characters in order to live for their comrades.

Call of Duty Mobile – Tokyo Escape

Despite that lots of mobile games named Call of Duty exist, most of them do not meet the standards of a real game. Some of these products are not officially licensed, but just commercially pirated versions of the PC version of the game.

Call of Duty is basically a first-person shooter game with an over-the-shoulder camera viewpoint of the environment via which the characters in the game fight. You will have the chance to view intense battles, as well as the exciting reenactment of the enchanting rifle battles in the scene.

The original edition of this game was somewhat created on the PC platform, and then later extended to video game consoles to supply players increased options. The video games talking about the subject of war, including their spinoff franchise, endeavour to keep world peace.

Control mechanism

Call of Duty Mobile has exactly the free-flow gameplay style as in the case of a PC game. Players can move freely and aim at something from a distance similar to clockwork using various types of firearms including machine guns, sniper rifles, and raiders even through a relatively intuitive control system.

For one thing, the input mechanisms of the game will not vary widely compared to other games of the same genre, so we won’t give it much focus in this article. If you are a newcomer, do not stress, as the controls will appear on your screen quickly. And help you gain comprehension on how it functions quickly.

bear in mind is, no matter whether you re playing online modes or offline battles, you’ll still need to connect online. The reason is the game requires an online connection to save information in the cloud drive.

Thus, due to the difficulty, you do not risk losing your data even if you choose to switch to a different device. CoD Mobile is an excellent choice for FPS fans looking for a little bit more portable gaming experience. Simply install it, and you are ready to go! Become completely immersed in the world of FPS gaming!